CASE STUDY: One Of My Best Performing Emails Ever

Hey Blood,

Last week I sent an email that was one of my best performing emails ever!

Huh A Tiger Photo?

This tiger wishes he could send emails like Ryan… But he can’t. He’s a tiger. Tigers don’t know how to email.

Today we’re going to do a quick case study with my results.

(or maybe it won’t be that quick if you’re a reallllllylyyyyyyy sloooowwwwwww reeeeeaaddddder).

So how do I judge the results of my emails?

I look at 3 separate things:

1) Open Rate

2) Click Through Rate

3) Results (Taking My Desired Action – For Example, Buying Something)

It’s important to look at all 3 because your open rate doesn’t really matter in no one who opens your email (because of your great subject line) clicks on your link in the email.

That’s why subject lines that get high open rates like…



bad news 🙁

Don’t always end up being that effective because the curiosity may get your email opened, but if the person opening your email wasn’t ultimately interested in the subject matter of your email then what good was it getting them to open it in the first place?

And high click through rates don’t really matter that much if no one clicking through takes your desired action (such as buying what you’re promoting). In fact, getting lots of clicks without many sales actually lowers your EPC (earnings per click) if that’s something you’re concerned with.

Let’s Look At One Of My Best Performing Emails EVA!

(And Feel Free To Copy It And Send It To Your List Too)

First of all, don’t get too excited…

Although I got killer results with all 3 key metrics (opens, clicks and actions), I wasn’t actually selling anything (nor promoting any paid product) so I DIDN’T actually make any money despite the great email results.

Umm, So Ryan… Why the hell would you send an email if it’s not going to make you any money?

Because I was bored…

Just kidding!

3 Reasons:

1) Because I found something free and useful that could help people (and it’s my job to share stuff like that when I find it).

2) To build goodwill with my list by sending them something valuable for free (normally it would be my own content – in this case it’s something cool I found).

3) Although I didn’t actually MAKE money with this email, since what I found and was sharing with people is a free cloud storage service (like Dropbox)…

…they actually gave me 5 Gigs of additional cloud storage space (in addition to the 20 gigs they give to everyone) for each person that signed up for the free account after getting my email.

I ended up getting nearly a TB (terabyte) of free-forever cloud storage space which is pretty cool and WILL save me some money since I will now be able to cancel some of the premium cloud services I’m paying for now.

Anyway, here is the exact email I sent:

Sub: 20 Gigs Of Free Cloud Storage (awesome)

Okay, I don’t really have any marketing content for you today, just a cool freebie I came across earlier this week that I thought I’d share it with you…

I’m a big fan of online cloud storage solutions like Dropbox. In fact, I’ve tried pretty much all of them at one time or another.

Until this week I’ve never found another solution as good as Dropbox.

Earlier this week I found a new solution (actually they’ve been around for a few months, but I hadn’t heard of them until this week) that gives you a whopping 20 gigs of cloud storage as part of their free account (they give you 15 gigs when you sign up, then another 5 gigs if you are referred by an existing member – the link below gets you the extra 5 gigs too).

Grab Your Free Cloud Storage Here

I compare every cloud solution I try to Dropbox which is awesome.

The only problem with Dropbox is the limited amount of free space they give you and their paid accounts are a little expensive for some people.

In the couple of days I’ve been using this new service things seem to work the same as they do with Dropbox (you can even get a link to instantly share any file or folder in your cloud with anyone) but you get a whole lot more storage without having to get a paid account.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share the freebie with you since I’ve been pretty pleased with it so far.

Even if you don’t think you have a use for the cloud storage right now, it’s still not a bad idea to grab the free 20 Gigs so it’s there if you need it in the future.

Talk Soon,

– Ryan Even

Feel free to try that email to your list and see how it does (make sure to replace my referral link with yours so you get the extra bonus space when someone signs up for a new account).

So why did this email do so well?

Although I can’t say for sure, I think the reason this email did so well was just because:

  • It had broad appeal
  • The offer was valuable and free
  • The message was consistant from the subject line, to the email copy to the actual offer site

I mean who wouldn’t want 20 gigs of free cloud storage? (besides my Mom… she’d be like “Ryan, storing things in the clouds? Are you on drugs?)

Since the offer has mass appeal (and was free) the simple subject line did very well.

And once someone opened the email, the message inside it was very consistant and congruent with the subject line.

There is no reason why someone would open the email to find out about the free 20 gigs of storage, then NOT click through to the offer (giving them for free what they opened the email to find out about).

If they were not interested in free cloud storage then they wouldn’t have opened the email in the first place.

And of course, once they clicked through and saw the offer actually was free, that there were not any catches, no trials or credit cards required then they also had no reason not to sign up for a free account.

So what’s the takeaway?

I suppose we could come up with a few.

But if I were to boil it down to one that can be applied not only to free offer emails like in this case study, but to ALL of your emails, it would be…

Always Maintain A Flow And Congruency Between Your Subject, Your Email Body And Your Offer (Or Desired Action)

Agree? Disagree? Always love to see your comments – let me know what you think!

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