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I am available (on an extremely limited schedule) for one-on-one personal coachingCoaching can be done over the phone, over gmail chat or Skype

Payment (current rate: $750 per hour) can be made via PayPal or Credit Card (your choice).

If there is a specific area in your business that you need help with we can work on that during your coaching session or we can work on developing a specific plan for your business (no matter where you’re at right now).

I do reserve the right to decline a coaching session with anyone if I don’t feel we’re a good fit. 

I want to work with people looking to build a real, sustainable, honest & ethical business.

I will decline sessions with those looking for help with MLM, get-rich-quick schemes, etc.

I will also decline sessions with those wanting to work on building an Adsense or CPA business. 

Although there is nothing specifically wrong with those types of businesses, I don’t believe that getting people to click on Adsense ads or enter their zip code or email address into a CPA form does anything to ADD VALUE to other’s lives.

I choose to only do coaching sessions with those that want a business focusing on adding value to the lives of their customers and helping them instead of just doing whatever brings in the most cash.
Click The Button To See Current Openings:
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