Ryan Even
This Is NOT For Most People... If It's For You Then You'll Know It!
"Ryan Even’s $25,000 One-On-One Mentorship"
Here's What You Get:
Long 3 Day Weekend In Las Vegas (You Pick The Days)
We’ll spend 12 hours per day for all 3 days one-on-one, JUST YOU AND ME, locked up in a hotel suite on the Las Vegas strip (or off strip if you prefer) planning and building YOUR BUSINESS (either from scratch or building on whatever you currently have).

This will be hands-on and HARD WORK.

By the end of the weekend you’ll have an exact plan and blueprint of exactly what to do each day for the next 12 months to get where you want to be.
We’ll work on:
  • Developing Your 12 Month Goal & An Exact Plan To Get Your There
  • Mapping Out Your Funnel And Starting To Build It Out (Including The Tech Work)
  • Your Email Follow-Ups (We’ll work on writing them together so they’re in YOUR VOICE with all the relationship building keys to make your campaign work)
  • Product Release Schedule (Including planning 10 products to create throughout the next year, a membership site, possibly a coaching program, etc.)
  • …and anything else you need help with in your business.
At the end of each 12 hour day we’ll spend another 4 hours HAVING FUN in Las Vegas (shows, gambling, cocktails, helicopter tour, etc. - whatever you’re into).

Of course if you’re traveling with a spouse or friend you may choose to instead spend the evenings with them, in that case, I’ll just provide you with show tickets, etc. to have fun with your guest and we’ll meet up again the next day.

You’ll be responsible for getting yourself to Vegas, after that most expenses will be covered by me (transportation from airport, hotel, meals, entertainment, etc.).
Weekly One-On-One Coaching Calls
We’ll get on the phone for an hour each week for an entire year. 

I’ll make sure you’re staying on track to meet your 12 month goal and will help you through any issues you run into.

These calls are REQUIRED so I can monitor your progress and make sure you're staying on track to meet your goals!
Unlimited Email And Phone Help
In addition to our scheduled weekly one-on-one calls, you’ll also have my personal email address (the same one my wife and Mother uses) as well as my cell phone number so you can email, text or call me anytime to work through any issues you run into.
Here's What To Do Next:
After paying your deposit I will contact you and we’ll talk one-on-one and make sure I’m a good fit for you and that I'll actually be able to HELP YOU. 

If we both feel we're a good fit I’ll get you the info you need to wire me the $24,000 balance. Obviously, if either of us feels we’re not a good fit together I’ll immediately refund your $1000 deposit.

You don't have to know the days you'll want to meet in Las Vegas yet, if after talking we mutually decide to continue you'll figure out a dates that work for both of us at that time (I am pretty flexible). We'll also decide on a time for our weekly calls.
Copyright Ryan Even.
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